Marvel Learning: Spider-Man Wipe-Clean Alphabet (Ages 3-4)

Learn with Spidey as your private tutor! Fancy being a superhero? Then it’s time to get writing. After all, you won’t look very cool if you can’t sign your superhero autograph. Plus, the fine movements that Spidey uses to shoot webs and climb buildings are also great for neat writing. Take control of your body! Obviously, being a super writer takes practice. That’s why Spidey has given this book wipe-clean pages. Mistakes just swoosh away: keep trying till you get it right. Start by tracing Spidey’s webs, then move onto real letters. Get ready to battle villains – and get ready to write.

  • Wipe-clean writing practice with the webbed wonder
  • Builds the pencil control needed for handwriting
  • Reinforces essential reading and spelling skills
  • Worry-free format where mistakes just wipe away

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