Marvel Super Heroes: 1000 Stickers

The ultimate book of the ultimate superheroes. 1000 stickers! Unleash the mightiest fighters of all time. Yup: it’s a Hulk-sized killer line-up of all the greatest ever Marvel icons. Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man – and Hulk himself, of course. All in one mega-sized funbook with OVER 1000 STICKERS!!! Go on: try it for size. Storming scenes to colour. Sticker activities. Brain-bending puzzles. Plus your own cartoon adventure to draw. Doesn’t that sound pretty super to you?

  • Enter the mighty world of the Marvel Super Heroes
  • Over 1000 stickers and 60 fun-filled activities
  • All the top heroes, from Iron Man to Hulk
  • Includes colouring pages and sticker games

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