First Jamie’s father disappears – and a series of strange and nightmarish happenings hits the quiet town where they live. Then Jamie puts on his newly-made tiger mask in art class, and is shocked to hear himself roar. Inside the mask, Jamie can smell the deer he has killed, and taste the metallic tang of its blood. He is the special one that his mysterious art teacher has been searching for – and she has a terrifying mission for him. In the secret Maskmaker’s shop, full of ancient, weird disguises, Jamie must choose his own mask. But the disguise he picks will send him into mortal danger, taking on other identities and facing wild and terrible foes. From the deserts of Africa to the frozen glaciers of Greenland and the Great Wall of China, can Jamie save his friends and family from a web of dark sorcery, protected only by his magical masks?

“Extremely well written, highly inventive and with really funny jokes.” Eva Ibbotson

“Exploding with magic and mystery.”

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    1 April 2010

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