Max Helsing: Monster Hunter

School by day. Hunting monsters by night. That’s Max’s life. Want to swap…? What do you do after school? Maybe chess club, sports or homework. Max Helsing slays monsters. Do look impressed. Part of a long line of monster hunters, he does a pretty good job of being an eighth grader by day and keeping his town safe at night. Demons, ghouls and the odd mummy are all in a night’s work. But when Max turns thirteen, he gets a nasty shock: he’s been cursed. An ancient vampire wants him dead – and he’s calling on all his evil buddies to lend a claw/fang/pincer. Time for Max to call on his best friends. Including a grumpy monster and a too-cute puppy…

  • First in a storming new series full of monsters and frights
  • Max is a great new hero – Percy Jackson meets Buffy
  • Very funny and spooky take on the monster/vampire genre
  • By the award-winning author of the Wereworld series

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