Meg and Mog Pair

Think scraggly witch Meg and her cat Mog look a bit funny? Well, they are! They’ve spent forty magical years making little people chuckle. And they’re not even tired yet! What’s so funny about their books? Is it the wacky pictures, full of cheeky scribbles and bold colours? Or Mog’s startled expressions, and the way his fur sticks up? Or is it that Meg’s spells nearly always go wrong – like when she turns her teapot into a dragon? Read these books to choose YOUR funniest bits!

  • Over 3 million Meg and Mog books sold in the UK alone
  • A classic series adored by children for over 40 years
  • Brilliantly simple books ideal for the very young
  • Jan Pienkowski has won the Greenaway Medal twice

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