Mermaids to the Rescue #3: Cali Plays Fair

Princess Cali and her twin brother, Prince Cruise, are expected to do everything together. But at the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew School, Cali wants to stand out on her own. So when the headteacher announces a Rescue Crew Tournament to name the top merstudent of the year, Cali is thrilled. It’s her chance to prove herself! The only trouble is, she’s going head to head with Cruise, and he’s a tough competitor. Will Cali do anything to win… even something unfair?

  • From a fabulous new series – mermaids, magic and danger
  • By the author of the popular Enchanted Pony Academy books
  • All about facing challenges, being brave and doing your best
  • Short fiction that builds fluency, for fans of Rainbow Magic

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