Minecraft Fiction #2: Night of the Bats

A bat invasion at school. A mob attack in Minecraft. Is there a link between these spooky events? Welcome back to Woodsword Middle School, where a few lucky kids can step into Minecraft for real. Usually, life in the game is plenty scarier than life in the classroom. But right now, the school has been infested by bats! It’s havoc! There’s chaos in the corridors! Meanwhile, Ash and her friends head back into Doc Culpepper’s virtual reality Minecraft world. They’ve left the safety of their castle, and arrived at a village that’s being terrorised by a hostile mob each night. Can they stop the mob and save the villagers? And why is Ms Minerva’s classroom full of bats?

  • Second in an exciting series of Minecraft fiction
  • A cool story where kids step into the game world
  • Mid-length reading full of adventure and danger
  • A tale of gaming, teamwork and trying to survive

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