Mini Glow in the Dark Chess

The fiendishly clever moves of chess are even more exciting when played with amazing glow-in-the-dark pieces! What’s more, this mini board is small enough to travel with you wherever you go. New to the game? Don’t worry! Read the book full of cunning game tips and expert tricks. Soon it won’t just be the chess pieces that shine…

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    I must say as an 8-year-old and seeing this in the scholastic book order catalog I wanted this more than anything. The only problem was that I didn’t want a Glow in the Dark Chess game. I was expecting Glow in the dark Cheese. When I first received this from my book order ten years ago I was so confused because there was no Cheese instead there was this confusing form of checkers that I have never seen before. I ended up playing with this chess kit and became quite fond of Chess. I must thank scholastic for introducing me to this even though I was not expecting this. If I had known that it was actually Chess that I was ordering I would have never learned the game. While this story is embarrassing for me I think it’s exactly what scholastic is all about. It’s about helping kids learn new things. From this I learned a few things

    1) I learned how to play chess and have become very good at it 2) I learned that I was dyslexic 3) I learned how to make new friends because I was the only 4th grader who knew how to play Chess and remained one of the only ones until my 8th grade graduation

    Scholastic thank you. As an eighteen year only in college I know laugh at this story every time I think about it and have become quite the intellectual. all my thanks goes to you. Even though it was my mistake for reading it wrong I’m glad I did and I’m glad you guys continue to help kids grow intellectually with books and fun toys. Thank you for everything you do.

    22 September 2017

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