Moon and Me: The Little Seed: A classic bedtime story to read together

The enchanting tale of how Pepi Nana first met Moon Baby one dreamy night. Did you know that toys come alive when no one is looking? Pepi Nana is one of those magical toys. Every night, when the moon shines, she sits down at her desk and writes a letter to her friend Moon Baby, up in the moon. But Pepi Nana and Moon Baby come from very different worlds. How did their special friendship start? Find out in this lovely bedtime story – just right for sharing as the stars begin to twinkle and the moon sparkles into life…

  • A fully illustrated gift book for Moon and Me fans
  • Tells the original story behind the CBeebies show
  • Inspired by tales of toys that come to life at night
  • A delightful choice to soothe little ones at bedtime

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