More Than One Way to Be a Girl

The showdown! Pink frocks vs torn jeans: what’s best? ZiZi loves being girly. Her wardrobe is a pink explosion. Her make-up routine takes at least an hour, and flirting is her favourite sport. Loretta might be her best buddy, but their style is miles apart. Loretta only wears black, she won’t touch make-up, and she hates how ZiZi dumbs herself down for boys. So one day they make a bet. They’re going to totally swap styles! Can ZiZi stand looking like Loretta for longer than the other way round? When these besties trade places, big laughs (and big confusion) result. But as it turns out, they have plenty to learn from each other…

  • By the bestselling author of Just Friends and My Worst Best Friend
  • A smart and witty look at what it really means to be a girl
  • Hugely entertaining teen fiction with a serious point to make
  • “Radiantly witty … head-over-heels brilliant” LoveReading4Kids

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