Mr Bloom's Nursery: Meet the Veggies!

We bet you’ve never tasted vegetables like the ones in Mr Bloom’s nursery. They talk, they sing and they’re much too good to eat. This book takes you on a picture book tour around your favourite nursery. Find out more about these quirky veggies, who are the best of friends. There’s Colin the energetic runner bean, Raymond the caring butternut squash and Joan the feisty fennel. Not to mention an arty cabbage called Margaret and a singing aubergine named Sebastian. Beautiful pictures and lots of healthy food facts: garden magic all the way through.

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  • loved it

    We all hate vege but after reading and watching the programe everyone loves them the characters are quiet funny

    6 March 2014

  • very good for people that like the tv show mr blooms nursery!

    5 March 2013

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