Mr Majeika Joins the Circus

When Mr Majeika takes Class Three on a trip to the circus, it’s not as much fun as they imagined. Everything’s a bit old, creaky and – well – rubbish, really! But when Mr Majeika casts a little spell to help the performers with their circus show, tightrope-walker Billy Balance is so impressed that he kidnaps Mr Majeika for his magical skills! Even worse, while Mr Majeika is trapped, naughty Wilhelmina Warlock seizes the chance to turn Class Three’s classroom into a circus! But just as the children think they’re going to be eaten alive by lions and alligators, Mr Majeika’s magic saves the day. Finally, Class Three and the circus end up on the news, and as usual, there’s only one person who misses all the fun – headmaster Mr Potter.

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    Who knew that a magician would be in the circus!!!


    28 July 2008

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