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Meet the Mr Men. Some of them are smily, some of them are sad, some are nice – and some are a little bit naughty! These simple, colourful and captivating stories featuring unforgettable characters have enchanted generations of children. What with clumsy Mr Bump, cheeky Mr Tickle, cheerful Mr Happy and muddly but lovable Mr Messy, this pack is a wonderful way to learn about human characteristics and emotions while enjoying four fantastic comic stories. Don’t miss them!

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  • Iv read this and its relly funny i like and love mr small

    9 November 2010

  • liked it

    i want to read this book because i am was reading some of these books in year 2 but know i am in year 4 so i hv to read those again but.

    25 September 2010

  • afb

    loved it

    This book is fantastic book written by Roger. This book is about Mr Tickle he likes to go to people like Mr Bump and him and he likes tickling everybody. I would rate this book out 10 of 10

    6 August 2010

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