Mr Pusskins: Best in Show

Meet Mr Pusskins. He’s got cattitude! From the moment Mr Pusskins spies the prize for Best-Looking Pet, he is smitten. He just has to get his paws on that trophy, and nothing, NOTHING is going to stand in his way! Not even that vain, double-crossing poodle, Madame Fifi Fou-Fou. Whatever happens next, you know that fur is sure to fly! This hilarious romp starring the world’s grumpiest ginger cat won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009.

“Mr Pusskins is a cat who could turn into a catastrophe but instead, he’s a champ.” Michael Rosen

“The further adventures of Mr Pusskins are eagerly awaited in our household. He’s got our top prize for the most characterful cat on the block!” Mariella Frostrup

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  • Awards

    Sam Lloyd has won the Book Trust Early Years prize for Mr Pusskins, and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Mr Pusskins Best in Show.

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