Mummies Kit

If you’ve ever longed to explore the strange secrets of the pyramids and reveal the mysterious mummies inside, you’ve found the greatest treasure of all: a casket of ancient secrets. Inside you’ll learn the grisly craft of how to make a mummy, with your own mummy to wrap and an ornate tomb to create! Once you’ve wrapped up your mummy, make like a pharaoh by writing your own hieroglyphic messages using paints and an amazing stencil set. Come to the land of ancient kings and be part of the legend!

Kit contains: plastic mummy, cotton wrapping, cardboard tomb, hieroglyphic stencils, 2 paints and brush.

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  • This is a kit that will teach you lots about the ancient Egyptians. I recommend this kit for ages 7+.

    In the kit there is:

    1x Paint Brush 2x Pots of Paint 1x Plastis Mummie to Mummify 1x Cotton Wrapping 4x Mummie Coffins to make 2x Egyptian Paper Hieroglyphic Stencils 1x Fact Book

    I really enjoy playing with the kit.


    Ella Boswell

    13 March 2010

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