Murder at Twilight

A dark, thrilling mystery. Delicous shivers! Pull the curtains tight… When Viv has a fight with Noah, she has no idea it’ll be the last time she sees him. But when she gets back from school, he’s nowhere to be found. Suddenly, there are police cars everywhere, lights flashing and sirens blaring. What on earth is going on? Viv is sure Noah’s run away to get attention. So she furiously stomps off to look for him, as the floodwaters rise. It’s icy cold, and getting dark, and the rain just won’t stop falling. And then she finds Noah – and realises that terrible danger is all around them…

  • A wildly atmospheric mystery, great for winter nights
  • Fleur Hitchcock is the author of Murder in Midwinter
  • Her other books include Saving Sophia and Dear Scarlett
  • Her novels have won the Leeds and Salford book awards

“The story creeps in on you like darkness at dusk – a truly intriguing mystery!” Chris Bradford

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