Murderous Maths Ferocious Four

Maths with the laughs added in – and the boredom taken away. No nasty sums. No boring exercises. It’s ferociously funny! But beware! Professor Fiendish and his rotten sidekick Chainsaw Charlie are living proof that maths can be murderous. So… dare you attempt Professor Fiendish’s freaky fractions? Can you crack Chainsaw Charlie’s cunning codes? Or work out how likely you are to learn to love maths lessons one day? It’s time to see… and to press all those mysterious calculator buttons that you’ve always been afraid to touch!

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  • Photo of Kjartan Poskitt

    Kjartan Poskitt

    Kjartan lives in York with his wife and four children. He regularly performs at venues all over the country.


    Winner of the 2012 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head.

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