Mustang Mountain: Sky Horse

Becky’s furious when she’s sent away to stay at a ranch in the Rocky Mountains. How could her parents dump her in this wilderness? But with her new friends Alison and Meg, Becky soon finds that her new home is anything but boring. Caught in a snowstorm, the girls must coax a beautiful white horse to safety, and rescue a dashing young adventurer from his crashed plane. But when they come face to face with a grizzly bear, they find themselves fighting for survival… Discover the brand new pony series that lets you ride deep into adventure. In the pony-trodden wilds of Mustang Mountain, there’s galloping excitement at every turn!

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    i have read this book now! anyone who is reading it/ anyone who had read it! wat a cool book! ikr! lol! xx

    6 July 2012

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