My Adorable Animals Pair

Perfectly named and perfect inside. New animal fiction by the author of the RSPCA books. Read all about the adorable pets you dream of. Are you longing for the day when you adopt a puppy, or finally get your very own pony? That dream is really coming true for the lucky girls in these books! Clara has just got a beautiful pony named Honey. But a storm is coming. Can her new pony help her ride it out? Meanwhile, Olivia has taken in a little Labrador named Barley. It’s only meant to be for a couple of weeks – but could it turn out to be forever?

  • Gorgeous animal fiction by author Sarah Hawkins
  • Sarah wrote the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home books
  • Each book has beautiful pictures, facts and pet care tips
  • Reassuring tales of animals, family and friendship

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