My Brother's Famous Bottom Takes off

You’ve heard of a book launch. How about a bottom launch? With a USA trip to see it all? If that sounds like your dream holiday, join baby Cheese on his first space mission. This talented tot is a nappy advert star. And now his famous bottom is going to space! Not the real thing, of course. They don’t make botty-shaped space suits. But a video of it. Cool. The best news: the whole family gets a free trip to America. They’ll climb the Empire State Building and ride in a helicopter. But will Cheese show his famous bottom to the President? And will the President think it’s funny? Hey – even aliens do.

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  • Jeremy Strong

    At the age of three, Jeremy Strong fell out of a first floor window and landed on his head. He was in hospital for a week with a broken arm and a headache. Luckily he recovered, and today he is one of the UK’s favourite children’s authors!


    Jeremy has won lots of awards including the very first Manchester Book Award for Stuff, and the Children’s Book Award for The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog in 1997.

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