My Friend the Enemy

What if in wartime you found one of the enemy and he became your forbidden friend? A gripping and thought-provoking World War II adventure for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Robert Westall.

Summer, 1941. For Peter, the war is a long way away. It is fought by a faceless enemy, marching across places he’s never even seen. Until the night it comes to him. A German plane is shot down over the woods. Peter rushes to the crash site to find something exciting to keep. But what he finds instead is someone: a young, injured German airman. Face to face with the enemy, Peter must act. Suddenly, helping him seems like the right thing to do…

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    It’s quite a fascinating story, full of ups and down. I love it, its one of my best thrillers and I will recomend it for teenagers who are into fun novels.

    15 September 2013

  • loved it

    I really enjoyed My Friend the Enemy, the first thing that enticed me to read this book is the title. The oxymoron was intriguing because it got me thinking, how can you be friends with the enemy? The storyline was much more exciting than I first thought.

    My favourite scene was in the middle of the night when the main character, Peter crept down to the plane crash with his new friend, Kim. During the night they decide to discover the inside of the German bomber when they find dead bodies of the crew. Peter tripped over and landed with a thud on the floor of the plane, at this point I thought they were going to be caught by the home guardsmen- I was on the edge of my seat. But I will not giveaway the end of that chapter. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

    I didn’t really have a favourite character for the whole duration of the book as most of the characters shined at one point. The main three were Peter and Kim. The reason Kim is one of my favourite characters is because she was a kind, caring tomboy who helped the german recover from his injuries even though he was the enemy. She made me realise that even though he was the enemy as a country, as a person he was just like us, frightened of war. Peter was another of my favourites because although he didnt want to, he helped the german because he wanted to be friends with Kim.

    I rate this book 10/10, I love a good historical fiction, especially the fact that it was quite accurate. Rationing, blackouts, home guard etc.

    Ben, aged 13

    22 August 2013

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