My Little Pony Wipe-Clean Learning Pair

No arguments! All of us love wipe-clean learning. It’s the fun-filled, no stress way to practise without getting bored. The good bits: mistakes just wipe away, and you can start again any time you like. The bad bits? Naturally, your My Little Pony buddies adore wipe-clean learning. So they’ve made their very own books! Join them for a feast of activities and puzzles where you’ll neaten your handwriting and perfect your spelling. With a swish of the tail and a swoosh of your hand, any mistakes disappear!

  • Wipe-clean workbooks with charming colour pictures
  • Set in the magical, dreamy world of My Little Pony
  • Each book includes a wipe-clean pen and eraser tip
  • Helps kids practise without worrying about mistakes

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