My Sister the Vampire Quartet

Olivia is a vegetarian. Ivy is a vampire. They couldn’t be more different – except that they’re twins! Olivia Abbott is a cheerleader – pretty clothes, pretty hair and pretty perfect. Ivy Vega is definitely not the cheerleading type – black clothes, black eyeliner, pale skin. When the long-lost sisters meet, they’re as different as day and night. All the same, they want to get to know each others’ worlds. And as Olivia is about to discover, blood is thicker than water – and a whole lot tastier too! A fangtastically funny quartet of black comedies to sink your teeth into.

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  • Really cool.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    What are these books prices

    15 December 2012

  • loved it

    Great books for a great price… Sienna Mercer is A Great Author. Can’t wait to read love bites and lucky break! A Great book for kids of all ages!

    28 April 2011

  • loved it

    I’ve read all 4 of these and the 5th take two!! I’m going to read the 6th love bites soon!

    I reccomend these to anyone! These are NOT all blood and gore, the author has put a real-life twist on these great books, SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN RELATE TOO

    6 April 2011

  • it’s a fun set of book with a rockcoster of a story it has a lovely ending i love Ivy’s dress sence.i love vampires but when i read the books it made me love them even more! it show how much love is in a family

    27 February 2011

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