My Story Boys' Pack

Bailing out of a plane in the Battle of Britain. Seeing the Roman army march into your town. Fighting from the trenches in the First World War. Explore history in white-knuckle diary accounts of wars, invasions, crimes and rebellions – the past’s most thrilling moments, told through the eyes of boys! Turning history’s most world-changing events into unputdownable diaries told in realistic voices, the million-selling My Story series brings the past into the real world. Packed with gripping adventures which take you from the Viking world to wartime Britain, these books let you see what it was like to be there!

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  • I’ve read one of these books which is Battle of Britain by Chris Priestley. It is really interesting to see how life would’ve been like in the past Would really recommend the My story series 👍☺

    5 February 2019

  • Very interesting.

    8 March 2014

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