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Immerse yourself in the past with two interconnected stories about women’s lives in Edwardian England, spanning fifteen years. Can privileged Flora and her ward, Dollie, win their right to vote and be treated as equals? The first story starts in 1889, as Flora Bonnington dreams of a more liberated future. She wants to vote, educate her servants and learn the art of cinematography. But can she stand up to the men around her to achieve her dream? The second tale begins in 1909 and follows Flora’s working-class ward, Dollie, as she is swept up in the campaign for the women’s vote. As the movement turns violent, women are sent to prison, where they endanger their lives with hunger strikes. How much is Dollie willing to risk in the fight for equality?

Two wonderful stories by Carol Drinkwater, previously published as 1900: A Brand New Century and Suffragette.

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  • Carol Drinkwater

    Carol Drinkwater is a former actress and now best-selling author for both children and adults. She has written many My Story titles for Scholastic and is the author of the highly successful Olive Farm series. Carol lives in the south of France.

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