My Story: My Tudor Queen - The Diary of Eva Puebla, London 1501-1513

It is 1501 and Eva is making the greatest trip of her life – from Spain to London as lady-in-waiting to the future Queen of England. “I’m sure Mama would be impressed by the great procession in which we have slowly made our way from the West Country to London. Horses and carriages, soldiers, courtiers, ladies, jesters – and Catherine herself, Catherine of Aragon on her way to wed Prince Arthur, eldest son of the King of England.” But Prince Arthur does not have long to live. What will happen to Catherine, his new wife, then? A thrilling story-diary set among the pomp, plots and political wrangling of the Tudor court.

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    Alison Prince won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 1995 for The Sherwood Hero and was also awarded the Scottish Arts Council prize for Oranges and Murder.

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