My Story: Stories of the First World War

The war made real in children’s voices. Twelve kids. Twelve world-shaking stories. Feel every moment. See a conflict that shook history through the eyes of twelve young people, from newly recruited soldiers at the front to children helping the war effort at home. You’ll travel from the Home Front to the battlefield trenches, and from the horrors of Gallipoli to the naval battle of Jutland. War fiction at its powerful best, from the masterful Jim Eldridge.

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    Such a beautiful book which captures the event of the first ever war where all countries were involved. Truly inspirational. Love it

    6 March 2014

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  • Jim Eldridge

    Jim Eldridge is the award-winning author of The Trenches, Flying Ace and Armada in the boy’s strand of the My Story series. He is also a TV script-writer for the BBC.

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