My Story: The Blitz - The Diary of Edie Benson, London, 1940-1941

“As Dad went out for the evening shift, he looked up and said grimly ‘If they’re ever going to come, it’ll be on a night like this.’ And sure enough the first air raid warning came at a few minutes past nine.”

It’s 1940. Edie Benson lives happily with her family in Lewisham, London. Little does she know that the summer will be one of air-raid sirens and bombs raining down, tearing the heart out of London. As the city she loves is turned to a smoking wreck, it will soon become too dangerous for children, and Edie will be sent away from everything she knows and loves…

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    A sad but really good story about a girl living during the war and it helps to understand what it was like.

    6 March 2013

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    18 June 2009

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