My Uncle Foulpest: Teacher Trouble

What would YOU do if your uncle was an ogre? Wally is a normal boy who just wants a normal life. But then Uncle Foulpest comes to look after him! Uncle Foulpest is an ogre, and although he means well, he simply can’t help causing chaos. On Parents’ Evening, he horrifies the teachers by accidentally tossing Miss Nutkin through the school roof. More disaster is in store when he employs some very dubious elves to clean up their house in time for a sleepover. Normal life for Wally is most definitely OVER! But one thing’s for sure: nothing’s ever boring with an ogre around…

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  • loved it

    i liked it alot, especially the fact it is an ogre witch is not a very well used charecter.

    6 March 2013

  • okay

    My favourite scene was when all parents were lining up against the school gates and Foulpest looked no different than all the other weird adults.

    My favourite character was Foulpest because however un-human he was he always tried to do what was right.

    I rate this book 2/4 this book is more for 8 years old rather than 6.

    Charlie, age 6

    5 September 2011

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