Myth Raiders: Medusa's Curse

Beast Quest meets the Greek myths! Welcome to an epic new series full of legendary action. Bursting with extremely fabulous pictures which are just as good as the stories. Imagine you’re a normal, kind-of-geeky kid called Sam. You go to stay with your American cousin, Trey. Then you’re hurtled into a super-scary Ancient Greek myth. Oops! (Blame that magical ancient artifact you just touched.) Your job: to save the world from destruction. Too bad monstrous Medusa is guarding the ancient shield you need. Her angry glare turns you to stone. (Even worse than your nastiest teacher). Plus, did we mention she has poisonous snakes for hair? Yikes!

  • Storming action for kids who are mad about myths
  • Brilliantly detailed illustrations by James de la Rue
  • Great for fans of Beast Quest or Infinity Ring
  • All the thrills of Percy Jackson in a shorter format

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