Narwhal and Jelly #4: Narwhal's Otter Friend

It’s Narwhal + Otter + Jelly, and everything’s amazing in the ocean! But hang on. Jelly is jealous. Now what…? Narwhal and Jelly have always been friends to the end. But now happy chappy Narwhal has met Otter, and he wants to add a new buddy to their pod. Jelly isn’t sure. He thinks things are pretty perfect just the way they are. But Narwhal and Otter are having loads of fun together. And it’s not long before Jelly starts feeling left out…

  • Delightfully silly graphic fun for younger readers
  • Features three short stories full of sweet humour
  • Relatable theme of friendship and adapting to change
  • This endearing new series is winning huge acclaim

“Hilarious and charming. The most loveable duo since Frog and Toad.” Dav Pilkey

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