Norton: The Loveable Cat Who Travelled the World

The amazing true story of a globe-trotting cat who travelled all round the world with his human companion! Peter Gethers hates cats. That is, until he meets Norton: a very cute and very friendly Scottish Fold kitten. Soon Peter and Norton are inseparable companions, travelling together on cars, boats, trains and planes, going all across the world! As they eat at plush restaurants, make new friends and meet famous personalities and movie stars, there’s never a day without a new adventure in Norton’s heart-warming real life story!

“A charming and heartening account.” Kirkus Reviews

“Norton is clearly a charmer, and Gethers tells his story with contagious affection… Will warm the heart of any confirmed cat-lover.” Washington Post

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  • I was not a fan of kittens/cats but I like them after reading this book

    6 March 2014

  • the kitten looks so cute besides i really love kittens they are simply adorable so i would probably choose to read this book and i havent read it before.

    8 July 2011

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