Not Now, Bernard (Board Book)

Whatever Bernard says to Mum and Dad, the answer’s always the same. “Not now, Bernard!” So how can he tell them that there’s a hungry monster in the garden – and it wants to eat him up? It’s gobbled up his dinner. It’s broken all his toys. And now it’s coming after him! Bursting with imagination and comedy, this is the funny story of what happens when Bernard’s parents are just too busy to notice him!

  • A hilarious and much-loved tale full of surreal humour
  • Adored by kids, monsters and adults for nearly 40 years
  • Now available for the first time in a board book edition
  • “This is a true classic!” – The Good Book Guide

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  • Awards

    David McKee won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Prize) in 1987 for Two Monsters.

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