Operation Kick Butt

Aaarggh! Alastair D’Arcy McDermott – otherwise known as Al – has been lumbered with the holiday project from hell: helping out at the local old folk’s home. How did he end up getting stuck with daft old Violet Rose, batty Major Maddocks and a dozen living corpses? But then he meets the sinister Mrs Black, and all of a sudden the fun begins. Al is on the greatest mission of his life: Operation Kick Butt. And he’s about to discover that these old-timers are still alive and kicking!

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    it is really really funny because i think he or she gets kicked in the butt and it is really funny by Hannah game

    22 August 2012

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    Niki Daly

    Niki Daly is the author of hilarious books like Operation Itchy Bum and many picture books like The Boy on the Beach.


    Niki Daly won the Molteno Gold Medal Award for his contribution to English literature in South Africa.

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