Optimists Die First

Bad stuff hit Petula hard. Now she keeps her guard up. Trust no one. Happiness is dumb. Then Paula meets Jacob: a glass half-full kind of guy. Can this love story end happily? Look on the bright side… Tragedy struck Petula’s family. Now she thinks life’s out to get her. Crossing the road, eating a poached egg, germy handshakes. Danger is everywhere. Then Jacob walks into her therapy group. Strikingly tall and confident, he’s survived a different kind of disaster and still come out smiling. How does he stay happy? At first, his optimism makes Petula want to heave. Yet there’s real chemistry. Even she can’t deny it. Problem: how can a girl running scared from life ever dare to give in to love?

  • By the award-winning author of We Are All Made of Molecules
  • A heartfelt, deeply moving tale of healing and the power of hope
  • Unexpectedly funny, compassionate and bursting with rich insights
  • Perfect for fans of This Raging Light and Everything, Everything

“Nielsen writes with sensitivity, empathy, and humor.’ Kirkus starred review

“Heartbreaking and hopeful.” Booklist

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  • Awards

    Susin’s awards include the Governor General’s Literary Award in Canada.

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