Paddington 2: The Movie Storybook

The oh-so-cute story of the oh-so-fabulous film. Get ready for a very beary Christmas! Paddington Bear might be from Darkest Peru, but he feels right at home in a London winter. He’s even dressed for it, in his warm duffel coat and jolly red hat. And now, just like any Londoner (although not like your typical bear) he’s looking for a job! He wants to earn some cash to buy a special 100th birthday present for Aunt Lucy: a unique pop-up book from an antique bookshop. But when a thief steals the book, Paddington has to track him down. Say hello to the cutest sleuth in the world!

  • The full-colour picture book of the magical movie
  • Perfect for little fans who are just starting to read
  • High-quality glossy film photos on every single page
  • A real treat for little ones to enjoy with the family

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