Pendragon Legacy: Sword of Light

It is the darkest hour of the darkest Age. King Arthur is dead, killed by his wicked nephew, Mordred. Saxon invaders rampage across the land and the forces of evil are gathering. The path to the throne lies open to Arthur’s only remaining flesh and blood, Mordred. But there is one with a better claim than Mordred – Arthur’s secret child. Brought by Merlin to Avalon as a baby and raised there under its protective enchantments, the king’s heir must take up a daunting quest: to search for the four magical Lights that can restore Arthur’s soul to his body. Now all rests in the hands of Rhianna Pendragon: unlikely princess and Camelot’s last hope.

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  • Katherine Roberts

    Katherine Roberts is the award-winning author of Spellfall and I am the Great Horse.


    Katherine Roberts won the inaugural Branford Boase award for her debut novel Song Quest.

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