Penny Dreadful Pair

This little minx isn’t big or clever, but she is darn funny. We love her amusing antics. She was even shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, with the massive Tom Gates for company. Which (in case you didn’t believe us) makes her officially mega-funny. Penny is a mastermind of mischief. She’s also a magnet for disaster. Her books have cool doodles, loads of laughs and lots of crazy accidents. And they’re incredibly contagious. Forget nits and flu: Penny’s laughs spread quicker than a yawn in assembly. Read her books and catch the bug. Then spread it to all your mates!

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  • Joanna Nadin

    Joanna studied drama at Hull, and later worked part-time for a juggling company whilst studying for a MA in Political communications in Peckham, London. Having worked for Alastair Campbell, she left Downing Street after the 2005 election, and now freelances as a government speech and TV scriptwriter. She has written five books for younger readers, some of which have been shortlisted for numerous awards.


    Joanna Nadin won the 2006 Lancashire Children’s Book Award for Maisie Morris.

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