Penny Dreadful is Incredibly Contagious

Laughs that spread quicker than a yawn in assembly. Who needs flu or nits? But actually, in this book Penny really is ill. And unlike us, she doesn’t feel like laughing. She’s got a bad case of chicken pox, which means time off school. Sounds great, except that being stuck at home feeling grotty is even more boring than class. Penny will be forced to make her own entertainment. Uh-oh. What does that mean? Crazy disasters for her. And lots of massive chuckles for you.

  • A cheeky tale of mayhem told in Penny’s quirky voice
  • Written by Joanna Nadin, author of the Rachel Riley series
  • Joanna is an award winner and Carnegie Medal nominee
  • Simple, readable text broken up by energetic cartoon artwork

“Don’t miss the comic genius that is Penny Dreadful, a wickedly funny new creation and worthy contender to Horrid Henry.” The Bookseller

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  • Joanna Nadin

    Joanna studied drama at Hull, and later worked part-time for a juggling company whilst studying for a MA in Political communications in Peckham, London. Having worked for Alastair Campbell, she left Downing Street after the 2005 election, and now freelances as a government speech and TV scriptwriter. She has written five books for younger readers, some of which have been shortlisted for numerous awards.


    Joanna Nadin won the 2006 Lancashire Children’s Book Award for Maisie Morris.

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