Peppa Pig Activity Pack CD-ROM

Get on the computer with Peppa for grunting gaming fun! This super CD-ROM is stuffed with stimulating ways to play and learn, from oinking activities and porky puzzles to tough challenges to solve. Entertaining, stimulating and full of fun ways to learn and play, it’s the perfect way to stay busy all summer long. Oink! Oink!

Contains 8 educational games including Pairs; Jigsaw; Wordsearch; Sliding Tiles; Colouring Book; Spot the Difference; Snap! and Meet the Cast.

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    This isnt a book its a cd-rom but it is still brilliant!Mum lets me on the computer to play this on rainy days.I can play matching pairs,do puzzles on my own,spot the difference,print and colour lots and lots of peppa pig pictures and more!It is a must for any peppa pig fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 September 2008

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