Perfectly Pretty: Wonderful Wedding Activity Book

Calling all bridesmaids to be, lucky wedding guests and daydreamers who yearn for the perfect ceremony! Help to create the fairytale wedding of a lifetime with a gorgeous book of puzzles and beautiful things to make and do. Design a wedding gown fit for a princess, decorate the perfect cake, and fill the bride’s bouquet with pretty flowers. Help the bride and groom get through a maze to reach their guests, find all the items on the wedding list, spot identical bridesmaids and much more. Surrounded by puzzles, doodles, flowers, bells, ribbons and rings, you can bring your wedding wishes true!

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  • Catriona Clarke

    Ex-publisher of Campbell Books, creator of Baby Campbell, ex-editor at Ladybird, Wayland – now freelancer and mother of two young sons, Dereen is perfect for a young activity book series aimed at boys.

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