Peter Rabbit: Pumpkin Party!

Nothing says ‘autumn’ like a yummy pumpkin. Problem: Peter’s has run away. How fast can a pumpkin roll? It’s autumn – and that means pumpkins! Peter Rabbit and his friends are really excited about Pumpkin Day. Even better, Peter’s found a BIG one. Trouble is, it’s rolling off through the woods! We’ve heard of gingerbread men running away, but never a pumpkin. Uh-oh: what will happen when a greedy fox pops up? This funny chase tale will get you in the mood for pumpkin pie, pumpkin games and pumpkin fun!

  • Lively autumn antics with Peter Rabbit and friends
  • Beautiful colour pictures from the animated TV show
  • Exciting chase tale full of twists, turns and surprises
  • Explores autumn activities in a pretty woodland setting

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