Planet Stan

Shortlisted for the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2020!

Stan’s whole family are light years away from normal. Stan loves order. His family love CHAOS! But worst of all is his pesky little brother, Fred. He lives in his own warped dimension where he reckons licking the cake shop window is normal behaviour. Fred leaves ladybirds in Stan’s lunchbox, and snails under his bed. He scribbles on Stan’s solar system poster, and wipes his bogies all over the place. It’s horrific! So Stan has created this book full of tips, diagrams, charts and infographics: his own survival guide to his own totally bonkers life! Tee hee!

  • A graphic tale full of Stan’s graphs and pie charts
  • A heartfelt and incredibly funny look at family life
  • Follows the tussles of two very different brothers
  • Ideal for fans of Tom Gates and David Solomons
  • Pictures by Chris Judge of Danger is Everywhere

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