Pocket Power Nature Detectives: Butterflies

Worth getting just for that beautiful twinkly keyring, but it also has stickers, facts and heaps more. Can’t resist pretty things? This pocket guide is packed with gorgeous fun themed around beautiful butterflies. It’s got a wall poster, decorated notepaper, colourful stickers and a lovely butterfly keychain. Definitely the prettiest way to become a nature detective.

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  • i realy liked the looking of the book i be very pleased to see the real book its self i wold like to read the book

    26 March 2013

  • not for me

    i loved the book but when it arrived at school it was all torn at the sides. I was upset but then i opened th book and on the pocket it had a big dint and i really was not pleasd. Apart from that the book was good.

    20 March 2013

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