Poems from the First World War

The war in words. Still full of power a century on, these poems show you the war as no history book can. Drowning in mud. Suffocating in gas. Burying your best friend. Almost a century after the start of the First World War, this stirring collection of poetry shows you a conflict that still defies imagination. There are the soldier poets of the trenches: Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke, Siegfried Sassoon. There are verses written by nurses, mothers, sweethearts, family and friends. Bravery and loyalty, horror, heartbreak and struggle. Read these poems once. Remember them forever.

  • A vivid, powerful collection of World War One poetry
  • Depicts both key events and personal moments in verse
  • Genuine poetry of the time by people who were there
  • Published in association with the Imperial War Museums

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