A scratch at the door. Owl cries in the night. Black candles burnt to the ground. Why is Rayne suddenly so frightened?

Rayne came to the country to escape the stifling city, to find space and silence. She couldn’t wait to get away from everything: her mum, the estate, Damien. But the solitude of Morton’s Keep is nothing like she thought it would be. It’s eerie. It’s creepy. And her new friends from the local town seem so interested in her, and in the old house. Someone – or something – is watching Rayne. What if the silence she finds in Morton’s Keep is one from which she’ll never wake up? A scream-in-the-dark psychological thriller from the acclaimed author of Leaving Poppy.

“Beautifully written, deeply frightening.” The Telegraph

“This is about as spine-tingling as a novel gets.” The Daily Mirror

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  • Kate Cann

    A former editor, Kate has written since she was a child. Spurred on by her reaction against the negative treatment of boy-girl relationships in books for teenagers, Kate produced DIVING IN, the first book in her hugely sucessful trilogy – and hasn’t looked back since.

    Praise for the DIVING IN trilogy: “Some of the best writing about love … that I have ever read in a book for young people … emotionally stunning” BOOKS FOR KEEPS

        "A good meaty read - an intelligent book with intelligent characters" THE TIMES

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