Potion Commotion

Cheeky rhymes, magic spells, food, hungry dragons… and a real magic wand for lucky YOU! When a little witch called Betty tries to make a potion, what does she stir up? A recipe for silly disaster! Betty mixes in all her favourite things – strawberry jam, slices of ham… There’s just one problem: her potion is GROWING! Soon the sticky mess is spreading all over town. Is it going to swallow the houses…? And then a hungry dragon appears! Uh-oh! His favourite meal is PEOPLE. Nothing could be yummier. Or could it…?

  • A magical rhyme from a Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner
  • Includes a free wand – perfect for make-believe games
  • Award-winning author of Dustbin Dad and Cats Ahoy!
  • Endearing little witch Betty will charm every reader

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