Princess Diaries: To the Nines

A 400-year-old mystery could mean BIG changes for Genovia. But after getting used to princess life, is Mia really ready to trash her tiaras?

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  • Wonderful, loved it.

    8 March 2014

  • This is the final book in the series.

    8 March 2014

  • okay

    Princess Diaries was actually kind of boring. I mean,some of the things made no sense at all. Honestly, I don’t think that it is likely to happen that a girl would so crushed by a break-up that she would spend days in her bed without bathing and would have to go to therapy. Lana’s behaviour made no sense. Even when Mia wasn’t dating Josh, Lana hated her. So, why would she suddenly take a liking to her??? Some people might like “Princess Diaries:To The Nines” but I think it could be much better.

    4 August 2013

  • liked it

    I really enjoyed these books when I read them, a normal girl finds out that she is a princess and heir to the throne, that is every little girls dream. this is 9th in the series and they just keep getting better

    6 March 2013

  • liked it

    princess diaries is about a girl MIA who is a princess but she doesn’t know how to look like she gets a makeover and became a princess as beautiful as a princess she gets lots off marriage proposals but she rejects and then she finds a prince to marry and the live happily ever after.

    16 February 2013

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    Meg Cabot

    Meg Cabot is the author of the hugely successful Princess Diaries series, and other great titles for girls.

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