Princess Organiser TX2

A brilliant new version of the popular Princess Organiser – even prettier, even pinker and even more powerful! This fantastic pocket friend will keep you entertained for hours with games, puzzles, lifestyle tools, a mood checker, horoscope readings, a virtual pet and a shiny mirror to admire yourself in. What’s more, you can send infra-red messages to your friends as well! So smart. So sweet. How can you resist?

Contains an electronic organiser with touch-screen pen, mirror, bag clip, batteries and infra-red messaging function. Comes in pink or purple.

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  • loved it

    OMGGG! I bought like 5 of these until I got bored. But I would buy some more, they’re really good!

    19 February 2015

  • loved it

    i loved it its so cool if i had all the money in the world then i,d by lots

    7 June 2009

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