Princess of Pets #1: The Naughty Kitten

Ruby Palace is no place for pets! The king and queen love their shiny, tidy, neatly swept home. Fluffy friends? No thanks! But their daughter, Princess Bea, feels very different. She absolutely loves animals. She won’t let royal rules stop her from helping creatures in need! So when Bea rescues a lost kitten, she knows she can’t adopt it. Still, she’ll keep it safe until she can find its owner. But this curious kitten has a nose for trouble! And when it goes exploring in the dark night, Bea will need to be very brave…

  • First in a heartwarming new series for young readers
  • A lovely animal adventure in a sparkling royal setting
  • Delightful short fiction to build fluency and confidence
  • By the bestselling author of The Rescue Princesses

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